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7. November 2019

Smart City Control

Cities have the challenge to guide urbanization and increasing use of infrastructure into a sustainable future. Our advanced Traffic Management solutions helps and improve Traffic flow in a safe, sustainable and efficient manner. Portner Engineering not only helps you understand and realize your Traffic needs but also provides End to End Solutions.

Our Smart City Control partners, Dynniq and Sensys Network help us provide most efficient, reliable and on time services to our Clients.

Dynniq is a dynamic, high-tech and innovative company offering integrated mobility, parking and energy solutions and services. The cohesion of how these three markets all work together starts from our vision about flow. We help our clients to manage energy and traffic flows in cities in our society to enable people, data and goods to reach their destinations safely, sustainably and efficiently through advanced technology solutions.The Dynniq Group has over 1600 employees who work closely together with clients and business partners worldwide to continue to design, develop, engineer, integrate and maintain complex mobility, energy and parking solutions that enhance the flow of everyday life.

Sensys Networks delivers the leading vehicle detection and traffic data platform that expands as your needs grow. Sensys Networks improves the way people travel through cities through accurate detection and actionable data. As a innovative Smart City technology company, Sensys Networks provides traffic visionaries and implementers with a comprehensive detection and data platform for virtually all traffic management needs. Together with our world class integration partners we enable data-driven decisions to drive efficient, economic and environmental improvements for cities.

Portner Engineering offers a wide range of Traffic Management System products which can be customized to suit the Client needs. Dynniq forms the core of our businnes with its adaptive traffic management system whereas Sensys Network provides the hardware for detection of vehicles. Most of the products function with WiFi which erases the need for cable, is cost effective, easy to install and comes with years of guarantee.  Some of our most  favored products are:


ImFlow : Adaptive traffic management system (Dynniq)

ImFlow is a software platform that uses state of the art control algorithms to calculate how long traffic lights need to be green. The optimisation takes place every second. Although ImFlow does not require a traffic control centre for optimisation, this optional control centre provides information about traffic performance at intersections.

GreenFlow priority services (Dynniq)

Individual vehicles are linked to ImFlow with GreenFlow, the solution that ensures optimum traffic flow in the city. With GreenFlow, the road user gets real-time information about the current traffic situation and tips on how he can travel more easily and safely through the city.

FlexMag : At the heart of traffic detection is a brain (Sensys)

FlexMag detects vehicle presence and movement via accurate, flexible and reliable wireless magnetometer technology. This dependable, low-cost, wireless vehicle detection system uses magneto-resistive wireless sensors to detect vehicle presence and movement. Virtually maintenance free, FlexMag sensors install in minutes, and deploy in a matter of hours, transmitting real-time data for a variety of traffic management applications.

FlexAP and FlexConnect : Two way communication that talks sense into Traffic (Sensys)

Flex AP relays detection data to roadside controllers, remote servers, Traffic management systems or other vehicle detection applications. FlexAP is an intelligent LINUX device used to maintain two-way communications with in-ground wireless sensors, repeaters and nodes. FlexConnect provides an SDLC interface for APs, replacing the functionality of one or more EX cards with up to 64 channels. This reduces system costs and frees up card slots in controller cabinets.

FlexRepeat3 Solar & Flex Node : Transmit what you want. Which is everything (Sensys)

Extends the communication range of your detection system, providing a two way relay between sensors and radios. Easily deployed, Solar power FlexRepeat3 (featuring a 10 year expected life) or line-powered FlexNode provide flexible configuration and power options. It also has a improved housing for all weather conditions, and external antenna options for greater configuration. Flex Repeater has external antenna options for greater configuration flexibility, and a seven (7) year expected battery life.