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Providing Smart Traffic Solutions

Our focus


Our mobile-first solution reduces the cost of internal communication, increases employee engagement and is tailored to your corporate branding. We help to reach and connect everyone within your organization, including non-desktop workers out in the field and those without an email address. Portner Engineering LLC is an Authorized Partner of BEEKEEPER AG Switzerland.


A city thrives on its safe and efficient traffic flow. Our know-how for “Smart Traffic Solutions” includes flexible traffic management systems that make traveling through the city safer, faster and cleaner. The advanced technological solutions help cities, municipalities and provinces maintain and improve traffic flow in a safe, sustainable and efficient manner. We consult on traffic management system solutions that can be customized to meet the needs of our clients.


Our Public Transport Engineers are your competent partners for all your needs in operational setup and management. Public Transport Engineers focuses on the Programme Management, Process and Change Management, Operations and Support Management along with Technology and System management. We also offer E-LEARNING AND E-TESTING SOLUTIONS.

AULA – Immersive Meeting Spaces

The best modern businesses have skilled people with limited time in many locations. AULA is for all those times when you really need to meet for dynamic collaboration and interactive training, and you just can’t. Wherever you may be you can use AULA to get together, share and learn in an immersive interactive 3D space where collaboration comes naturally. Portner Engineering LLC is an Authorized Partner of vComm Solutions AG Switzerland.

About US

Your Success for Traffic Systems

Portner Engineering LLC is a Consulting Company for Authorities/Governments, Transport enterprises and transport associations all over the world. We have experience in Australia, Austria, Belgium, Canada, Germany, Hongkong, Ireland, Kazakhstan, Luxemburg, Netherlands, Poland, Saudi Arabia, Singapore, South Afrika, Switzerland, Turkey, UK, USA.

We specialize in providing technical and conceptual advice on Procurement and Project Support of Traffic Control, Ticketing (distribution system, Urban Transport System (UTS), Bus Rapid Transit (BRT)/ Interactive Traffic System (ITS), creation of Smart Traffic Management and on different aspects of Public Transport.

  • - General Contractor for complete UTS, BRT, ITS and Smart City Solution

  • - Technology and System Integration
  • - Operations and Support Management
  • - E-Learning and E-Testing Solutions

Our Team

Markus Portner
Markus Portner
Managing Director
Service and Maintenance Expert
MSc ETH Mathematics
Originally a master of science in mathematics, Markus brings more than 30 years of experience in working in highly demanding and complex technical environments. Since 2015 he drives his own company which is an official partner of BEEKEEPER AG in Switzerland.
Walter Meier-Leu
Walter Meier-Leu
Principal Engineer
Traffic Light Control Specialist
MSc ETH Electrical Engineering
Walter brings more than 25 years of expertise in the field of analysis and research, whereby his focuses were on timetable and duty planning systems, real-time passenger information, transfer monitoring, visualization via VDV453 / 454 (SIRI) interface, passenger information for disabled people, ticketing and IBIS-IP (VDV301) and adaptive traffic light control systems.
Contract Manager, SSIB Swiss Certified Export Expert / Export Manager
Specialised expert in elaboration of public ITCS tenders. More than 25 years of experience in contracting, taxes, VAT, customs, etc. on worldwide base.
Juhi Chaturvedi
Juhi Chaturvedi
Process Specialist
Certified EU GDPR Practitioner
Masters in Total Quality Management
Juhi brings with her sound knowledge of quality concepts. She is experienced in Process Definition, Implementation and Data Analysis She is a Certified EU GDPR Practitioner. She has worked as Quality Analyst, Internal Auditor and has participated in ISO and CMMI certifications in international companies.
Luzi Anderegg
Luzi Anderegg
e-Learning Authority
Technical CEO of a2-c AG
Luzi has an IT engineering background (Siemens). He is experienced in a broad spectrum of hardware and software engineering. Since 2000, part-time lecturer at University of Applied Sciences (ZHW) in Winterthur, Switzerland. He is the System architect and key developer for the a2-c e-Learning Portal VTC (Virtual Training Campus).
Martin Ahrend
Martin Ahrend
CRM and e-Learning Authority
Commercial CEO of a2-c AG
Martin has extensive experience in complex, international projects throughout Europe in customer-relationship management, including training management (especially e-Learning), Project Management International (PMI) and certified Project Management Professional (PMP).
Guido Bruggeman
Guido Bruggeman
All-Round Public Transport Expert
Senior International Advisor
Guido is an all-round public transport expert with 35 years’ experience in more than 25 countries worldwide. He has hands-on experience with service concepts for various modes of public transport, design and optimisation of bus route networks and measures to improve daily operations and quality of service provision. He also advised governments and PTA’s on the organisational, regulatory and institutional framework for public transport.
Andy G. Schmidt
Andy G. Schmidt
Local Representative Beekeeper
Andy brings with him 23 years of experience as Financial Controller and Manager Business Administration in a major industrial MNC. Since 2012 Andy is taking care of his own business. In 2016 he founded Beekeeper Communication Pte. Ltd. to help Singaporean enterprises to boost their productivity in Internal Communication and Staff Engagement.